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Fab’s Vendor Opportunity for Boutiques & Designers

Here’s the good news for you…our vendor program is your chance to be part of this vibrant fashion community. We provide a platform for small boutiques and designers to ride on our success and sell their fashion to the world.

It’s so easy you can make your first sale as soon as today!

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Try the vendor program for 14 days, with no risk for $1.

Our Vendor program gives you the opportunity to be part of a vibrant global marketplace for fashion.

Sell on Fab & Go. It’s super easy. Plus you get to access a wealth of promotional tools and scores of potential customers.


Start today, ride on our existing success to scale your small business.

1. Become a Fab & Go Vendor

2. List Your Products

3. Earn Money on Sales

You Sell & Earn, We Take Care of the Hassle/Rest

Fab & Go makes it super easy for vendors to access our marketplace and sell their fashion wares.

We take care of all the operational costs and tasks.  This includes the behind-the-scenes technical stuff, presentation and marketing.

This way, your job is simple – list and earn. When a customer orders something you’re selling, you get a notification with the order details. All you have to do is ship the item to their address and it’s a done deal!

Access to Comprehensive Selling Functionality

When you enroll for our Vendor program, you get full access to all ecommerce features. This means you’ll be able to log in to your Fab and Go store, list your products, add images and descriptions, and set the price. Once everything is set, you can hit the ‘Publish’ button to make your products visible to tens of thousands of potential buyers every day. You can also promote your Fab and Go product URLs on social media and other channels to increase your sales.

Who Should Be a Fab & Go Vendor?

Our Vendor program targets designers, boutiques, Instagram sellers, fashion entrepreneurs, and just about anyone else who sells fashion. We empower you to make an impression with your style, while at the same time earning the monetary value for it. There are no rules, no limits with our community. Just awesome fashion and an equally awesome market. So you really have no excuse!

Fab & Go Vendor Program FAQs

How Much Initial Investment Do I Need?

We make it so easy for you to get started that it’s almost free. You’ll need $1 for the first 14 days, and then $14 afterwards. During these first 14 days, you get to test the platform to see how well it works for you.

How Much of the Sale Do I Keep?

You are the stockist. You own the inventory. Thus, you keep the money. However, Fab & Go deducts 15% off each sale to cater for marketing and other costs that help find customers for your product. You retain the 85%.

What Kind of Products Can I Sell?

You get to sell any fashion or style related product have something that you have been selling well. This includes fabulous dresses, clothes, shoes, tops, bottoms, hair and jewelry. If you are already selling cool fashion to your local clientele, why not expose it to a global market?

Do I Need to Own a Boutique?

Yes and No. To become a Go Vendor, you need to have a fashion collection. Boutiques make a significant proportion of our vendors, but fashion designers and freelance vendors are just as welcome. The main requirement is that you have something great to sell.

How Often Do I Get Paid?

You get paid once every week. We send a direct deposit to your PayPal account on a weekly basis. This way, you can really see how your products are paying off at the end of each week.

fabandGO's Business Membership - Sell with fabandGOGet Started Today →

Try the vendor program for 14 days, with no risk for $1.

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