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Name Your Price

How Name Your Price Works

PriceWaiter is an advanced technology offered on our site that empowers our customers to name their price for our products. Through this technology, we are able to easily and efficiently agree with you on a reduced price for our already discounted top quality offerings. This program, backed by industry leading security and convenience, will help you to easily purchase the shoes, beauty products and apparel you're looking for at a price that fits your budget.

Simply name your price and shortly afterwards one of our representatives will respond to your offer. When you are ready to purchase your accepted or countered offer, follow the link in your PriceWaiter email. You will complete the purchase with PriceWaiter and may pay with your credit card or through PayPal. We will then process your order and you will soon have your product at your price!

If you are interested in multiple items, you may submit an offer for each item. You would then purchase them individually and we would consolidate your shipment, for your convenience.

Remember, to use PriceWaiter you make an offer from the product page. Click on the "Make an Offer" button or text link on a product page then simply enter your price and email and your offer is submitted!


  • Cannot combine with other coupons or offers
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