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Hair Quantity

All Hair Length(s) comes out with One Bundle (Piece).
For more bundles (pieces), select quantity (Qty).
How Much Hair Do I Need?
 Hair Quantity Guide - How Much Hair Do You Need?
Hair Length(s) Sew Ins
12'' to 14'' Two Bundles
16'' to 22'' Three Bundles (Popular)
24' to 30'' Four Bundles
Find the Hair Length For You:

  • 12 Inch - The Perfect Solution for thickening of shoulder length hair
  • 14 Inch - Adds length and fullness just below the shoulder area
  • 16 Inch - This length is a good starter length if you're wanting longer hair
  • 18 Inch - Our most popular choice for added length and volume
  • 22-24+ Inch - If you want to WOW the crowd, these popular lengths will do the job!
Size Guide