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FAST, FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING OVER $75 Order before 4PM EST (M-F) - Ships Next Day.

Free Shipping

All orders over $75 include FREE priority shipping worldwide. Standard shipping may range from ($8.95-$17). Your fab&GO items are shipped from our different warehouses (located in London, Hong Kong, Philadelphia, and New York USA). Please understand that it takes 24-48 hours to process the order. Normally, we do NOT process and ship orders after 1PM PST. Please allow up to 2 business days for some orders to process (If you order on Monday, your order should ship out on Tuesday or Wednesday). We will email you a tracking number once your order ships.

Approximate Delivery Times

USA: 2-7 business days (Ships with USPS First-Class Mail, Fedex, DHL, or UPS)

Canada: 4-7 business days (Ships with USPS Priority Mail International, Fedex, DHL, or UPS)

International: 4-7 business days (Ships with USPS Priority Mail International, Fedex, DHL, or UPS)

International & Canadian Orders: On very rare occasions international shipping to some countries can take up to 2 weeks.

IMPORTANT: We cannot guarantee that you will or will not be charged any customs taxes or duties. Any customs or import duties are charged once the parcel reaches its destination country. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel. This normally applies to International and Canadian Orders.

60-Day Returns

You can exchange or refund your order within 60 days as long as it has NOT been worn or removed from the main package. For more details please visit our Refund Policy or Exchange Policy pages.

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