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ClipIn Quantity

How To Use fabandGO Clip In Extensions:

FabandGO Clip In Hair Extensions can be used to:

  • Add body and volume to fine hair
  • Instantly add fullness and length to short hair
  • Restore length and beauty to damaged or thinning hair
  • Add different colors without actually coloring your hair
  • Restore confidence and boost self-image
  • Add sexy, glamorous beautiful hair
  • To completely change your look or mood
How Much Hair Do I Need To Order?
 Hair Quantity Guide - How Much Hair Do You Need?
Hair Volume Clip Ins
Normal Look 120 Grams
Full Look 160 Grams (Popular)
Xtreme Full Look 220 Grams
Find the Hair Length For You:

  • 12 Inch - The Perfect Solution for thickening of shoulder length hair
  • 14 Inch - Adds length and fullness just below the shoulder area
  • 16 Inch - This length is a good starter length if you're wanting longer hair
  • 18 Inch - Our most popular choice for added length and volume
  • 22-24+ Inch - If you want to WOW the crowd, these popular lengths will do the job!
Size Guide