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What is a sew in extension?

One of our favorite, sewn in hair extension, creates a more natural look! A teenie tiny braid is formed using your real hair and (virgin) real human hair cut from a donor. Tracks of hair are then sewn onto that braid. We love this method the best because it attaches sturdily with little to no damage.


  • Little to no damage. The only part of your real hair being effected by the extension is the row the hair is attached to. A hair braid is created horizontally across your head and extensions are sewn onto this braid.
  • They stay on nice and snug, you can wear high pony tails, swim, shower, it’s as if it’s your own hair.
  • Affordable for a long lasting, flowy, minimal damage, hair extension!
  • Can get messy if you don’t brush your hair daily
  • Some thinning can occur if you tug down too hard while you brush. The better you care for them, the less damage you will have. Personally, we have had zero damage so far but we envy them.

Regardless of the look, sew in hair extensions really allow for a fun and unique hair enhancement. From the pop star to the regular woman down the street, if you’re looking for a way to change your look and go for a new style, getting a weave may be the best hair extension choice for you.

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