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What is a clip in extension?

Clip in Extensions are one of the most popular "do it yourself" quick and easy extension methods. You can get instant length and volume without any long-term commitment, or without spending excessive time and money in a salon for the installation. fabandGO offers the most traditional option when it comes to clip on's.

Clip-in sets

Our clip on sets come in multiple sized clips and wefts allowing for a personalized fit to the look you are going for. A clip on set will give you the most versatility in styling and shaping your overall look. This may be a good option if you prefer to wear your hair in multiple styles, creative up-dos, or higher ponytails.



  • No damage
  • No cost to put them in
  • Instant style change, removable when you’re done wearing them.


  • You may have difficulty wearing a high pony tail, or else clips will show (based on your technique).
  • Sleeping with clips may not feel as comfy to some women.  
  • Temporary
  • You can get them wet, swim, shower but they might fall out if you’re too rough.

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